Friday, July 12, 2013

A year later...
Wow! Time flies! I can hardly believe my babies will be 9 months tomorrow. We have had some big changes in our lives and are just starting to feel we are getting things under control.

The first of our big changes, of course, was the arrival of our beautiful babies on Oct 13, 2012
With this change came a few other changes including my last day of work Oct. 5 2012, one car and one income.

Next came Mason's acceptance to Medical School in March of 2013. So proud of him! All of his hard work paid off. Grenada here we come!

Finally, came the desperate move to my parents home while we tried to sell our condo. After 3+ years on the market we were finally rid of it June 6, 2013.

My parents with their first 3 grandchildren. They had 4 in one year (and they only have 3 kids!)

All 3 of these major events were ones that we have been praying for...for years. I often felt as though my prayers, these righteous desires were not heard. I wondered if I was being punished or just not good enough to deserve them.

Now though, I see that God does have a plan and I couldn't imagine this working out any better than it has. Mason and I have learned a lot and had our testimonies strengthened through our trials and triumphs. Its been a crazy year but also one of the best of our lives!

I've got a lot of catch up to do and I hope to post regularly while we are on our great adventure on the beautiful island of Grenada. So if there are any readers still out there...stay tuned!