Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why Medical School?

Mason often talked in High School about wanting to be a doctor. I think the idea was brought on by the sheer desire to provide a good living for his family. Once he decided that making it big as an actor in Hollywood his next thought He took a medical terminology course from a neighboring high school his senior year and that sealed the deal. I thought that was a great dream, but how many people actually make it? Especially poor kids from Magna.

We were married 3 years after graduating from High School. Mason hadn't done any schooling and I had one semester left to finish my Bachelor's degree. He worked 3 jobs to get me through those 6 months and then it was his turn.

Little did we know that it would be 6 years later that he would actually finish his degree.

He went to school full time and worked part time. He devoted his life to being prepared for Medical school. The jobs he took on, the hours he spent volunteering at the hospitals, the classes he took, every decision was based on whether or not it would look good on his Medical School application, help him with his MCAT (medical school admissions test), or give him a leg up on the classes he would be taking in medical school. He worked hard and I was proud of all he was doing to reach what still seemed a little like a pie in the sky ambition (but I would never tell him that).

Therefore, when he didn't get accepted anywhere his first year we applied. We were pretty devastated. Everything we had done in the last 10 years was all in preparation for something we weren't being allowed to do. We began discussing back up plans and debating on whether another round of applications (and thousands of dollars to do the applications, the tests, the extra tutoring to improve his scores) was worth it. We decided that we would do one more year of applications and then move on to Plan B.

I was really hoping to fulfill my dream of living back East by riding his coat tails. I made sure he applied to every school where he had a chance of being accepted. Then he came home with the crazy notion of going to school in the Caribbean. I thought, "it doesn't hurt to apply, but I would never want to live there."

He made sure that he submitted his applications early that second year. He revamped his personal statement and narrowed his applications to 16 schools that he could realistically be accepted to (and there may have been a couple vetoes from me). He was requested to submit a secondary application for most all of them and then we waited; and waited; and waited. We knew people who were getting acceptance letters and he had only had 1 interview. I could tell, his confidence was crumbling.

He began talking about applying for a 3rd year but I begged him to just move on. He had set himself up nicely to be successful in a number of other fields. We had been married for over 8 years, had 2 babies, I was no longer working, we were living with my parents as we were trying to sell the condo, and I was desperate to move on.

Then, he came home from work one day and said, "I have to show you this email I got today." Assuming it would be something humorous, I quickly glanced at the email while juggling the 2 babies; but then had to put the babies down, grab the phone and read the words, "You have been accepted." I didn't care where we would be moving, he was going to medical school! This life we had dreamed of since high school was finally coming to fruition.


Tawnya said...

Couldn't be happier for the two of you!! Two beautiful girls and medical school!! Congrats on everything!

Kristen Petersen said...

I'm happy I found your blog! I love this post. I feel like most, if not all of us SOs have been down a similar road to get here. Life gets tough down here, but it is really fantastic to see people stick to a dream and do anything to achieve it. :)

Nicole said...

I love hearing about your story and perseverance. You two are incredible! I'm so happy for you and that you are fulfilling your dream. I'm also glad you're updating your blog. You will really treasure the stories you write here as you have many crazy adventures living in a foreign land!