Monday, December 16, 2013

St. Georges LDS Branch Christmas Party

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with our LDS Branch on Friday. It was scheduled to catch as many students as possible after finals but before the mass exodus back to the states. I got to be on the planning committee (LOVE!) but boy was it different than what we are used to in the states.

Our budget was about $1.20 US per person. 
We planned for 100 people
The party was held in the Chapel
There were no table cloths, centerpieces and only paper d├ęcor and a few lights on the walls
We ate hot soup and rolls in humid 80 degree weather
And Santa got too much sun!
The girls were not so thrilled with their first Santa experience!
I was in charge of the program. I used this great program about the Symbols of Christmas compiled by my dear friend, Nicole Rowland, and added in Christmas Hymns for the congregation to sing.

The highlight of the night for me was when our cute 5 year old friend James came marching back into the chapel from being outside and announced, "That is not the real Santa...there is no sleigh out in the parking lot." That was your first clue? Oh the innocence of children. I am so charmed!


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Nicole said...

If anyone could pull off a fabulous party on such a tight budget, it is you!! I love the Santa! What a great photo with the girls. I'm happy you found the Christmas lesson useful; that's what it is for! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!