Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An elegant vintage wedding

This one was so much fun! The costs were kept low by borrowing decor from neighbors, friends, and the Empress Theater (we know a guy!). Yet it came across with a clear theme and style. Perfect for this bride and groom!

Check out this fun family portrait. We had hats all around the room in different displays so they all grabbed one for this shot.

The colors for the event were Sage, Plum, and Ivory

the bouquet

Mom's corsage

Bridesmaids corsage

Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures of the tables didn't  represent the tables well. Each had a theme so here a few to give you a preview.

Fishing (included old scout books, old poles, and tackle basket)

Women's tea

The other table themes included: vintage games, sewing patterns with hats and gloves, a men's shaving kit, women's jewelry & jewelry box, kitchen gadgets, etc. They were a lot of fun!
The Cake (designed to look like old hat boxes)

Grandma's wedding dresses
His and hers secretaries
The darling bride and groom!

Congratulations Kayli and Steve!

Helpful Hint:
1. Don't be afraid to go with a theme! It actually makes the wedding a lot of fun for the bridal party and the guests. It can be carried through the music, the decor, the food, everything!