Friday, February 25, 2011

SLC - Bakeries

Have you tried Beyond Glaze? I first tried their beautiful and delectable doughnuts while I was in charge of Monday treats at my old job. At that time I had to drive all the way down to Draper to pick them up. Now though we are fortunate enough to have one right downtown. Exciting...yet dangerous. I have yet to stop by there myself (are you proud of me?) but Mason has spoiled his co-workers with these goodies a couple of times already.

Their philosphy is fresh gourmet doughnuts that go "beyond glaze." They have the most incredible combinations of flavors brought to life with their tasty frostings & toppings applied in tantilizing fashion.

Check these out...

I know it sounds crazy but Mason's favorite doughnut is the Maple Bacon. Just ask the pregnant girls at his work; these pastries satisified all kinds of cravings in one fell swoop and Mason just happened to be the big hero for sharing his favorite treat.

Friday, February 18, 2011


In honor of Valentines Day Anthropology launched their new wedding website BHLDN this week. I have been waiting for it for weeks now and was thrilled to catch a glimpse of their sneak peek party that green wedding shoes was able to attend. Check out her photos and her experience here.

So gorgeous!

So inspirational!

Monday, February 14, 2011

V-day our way - seven

My husband loves science and has spent countless hours in the science labs at school. So last year, Valentines Day 2010, I decided we would conduct our own experiment, which I titled  
"The Chocolate Experience" 
The ballots

His invite

Survival Kit

 I made sure had our survival kit ready complete with:

Salty crackers
Sparkling water
Plastic knives
And of course, our ballots 


The rules were as follows:
  1. Purchase 1 dark chocolate truffle (my favorite kind)
  2. Purchase 1 of whatever they consider to be their most unique or signature chocolate
  3. Observe the packaging & the ambiance of the store
  4. Study the design & texture of each one
  5. Cut each in half to smell, and see the inside
  6. Taste the chocolate paying attention to the chocolate coating & the filling
  7. Finally fill out the ballot for each selection tasted


 We sampled delicacies from:

Mrs. Cavanaughs
Hatch Family Chocolates
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
V’s Chocolates
See’s Chocolates

(I know we missed some, but I must admit we were so chocolate out after the first 4 so we decided had to finish a little prematurely. I wish we could have hit them all though!)

So who did we decide was our favorite you may ask?
I must admit I was completely surprised,
As it was See’s!

It was also the longest line that we had to wait in and I remember thinking, "this can’t be worth it," but to totally was! Plus I am a sucker for ambiance, design, and nostalgia, so not only were the chocolates my favorite, but the store was as well.

This was a great way to spend our Valentines Day 2010.

V-day our way - six

Looking for a few last minute ideas:

I loved this simple, personal decor idea from Martha Stewart

Again Martha is brilliant and suggests personalizing your chocolates, with sweet valentine wishes under each delectable treat.

Have you bought him a tie? Why not whip up a quick envelope as part of his gift. Great for packaging, storing, and traveling!

Finally, adding a little decor will make the day feel special. This simple and classic heart garland is the perfect touch! If you need instructions, check out momtastic.

I hope all your plans work out and your valentine wishes come true!

Friday, February 11, 2011

V-day our way - five

Send your valentine a free movie from Red box this valentines day. Just go to their facebook page to find out how!

Speaking of movies, here are my top 10 suggestions for romantic valentines day movies.

10. Romeo & Juliet

9. Sabrina

8. Pearl Harbor

7. An Affair to Remember

6. Jane Eyre

(by the way, I just learned a new version of Jane Eyre is set to be released in the US in March 2011! I can hardly wait to see it YAY!)

5. You’ve Got Mail

4. P.S. I love you

3. The Notebook

2. Pride and Prejudice

1. Sleepless in Seattle


What would you suggest?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

V-day our way - four

I love this idea from dandee designs (she has since posted even more fun valentine exhange ideas. Check it out!) as seen on design mom.  This blog post also happens also include the template for these great CD evelopes!

Their music suggestions:

Count on Me- Bruno Mars
Three Little Birds- Bob Marley
Don’t Worry, Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin
Rhythm of Love- Plain White T’s
Can I Get Get Get- Junior Senior
Little Bit of Feel Good- Jamie Lidell
Be True To Your School- The Beach Boys
I Want To Hold Your Hand- The Beatles
All You Need Is Love- The Beatles
Sir Duke- Stevie Wonder
Upside Down- Jack Johnson
Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen
Be OK- Ingrid Michaelson
Viva La Vida- Coldplay
I Do Adore- Mindy Gledhill

Isn't that a fun modern mix!?!

To make this a gift for your beloved, tell your personal love story through music, using the songs that best illustrate how you met, fell in love, how you felt when your broke up, how you felt when you got back together, your wedding song, how your love has grown over time, etc.

Another sweet way of making a very inexpensive yet sentimental gift for your husband!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V-day our way - three

If your husband is like mine and is a closet lover of all things :
1. Sci-fi
2. Chemistry
3. Physics
4. Cutting up dead people
5. The "Big Bang Theory" television show
6. Fantasy movies and books
7. Computers
8. etc.

Then you might enjoy the series of gift ideas entitled "Talk Nerdy To Me" on Here is a sample to spark your interest:

il 570xN.211399127 Valentines Day Gifts: Talk Nerdy To Me

il 570xN.194050917 Valentines Day Gifts: Talk Nerdy To Me

nerd Valentines Day Gifts: Talk Nerdy To Me

For these and more great Geek Gifts check out "talk nerdy to me" on Babble.

V-day our way

I know I have written of my love for Pandora internet radio a number of times, but here I go again…

We all know music can set the tone for our emotions, so how fortunate we are that Pandora has created a station of all love songs all the time. (or a “love stinks” station, if you are feeling revulsion toward the ever impending holiday. How thoughtful!) It definitely includes some great “blasts from the pasts” too.

And if you haven’t become a Pandora groupie yet, I highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon and creating your favorite stations. I love the newish option of “quickmix.” My standard includes my:

Colbie Caillat,
Billie Holiday,
Regina Spektor,
Michael Buble,
Taylor Swift


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

V-day our way - two

Did you know it is officially "Marriage Week" across the USA? With a degree in Family and Human Development, I am all about relationships! However, studying them for 4 years made me realize that I am anything but an expert as there is so much more to learn and there are always coming out with new studies, new theories, and new methods of doing things. I believe that even healthy marriages benefit from learning preventative measures and focusing on rekindling your "spark." Marriage takes work, but this is one case where we can benefit by focusing on the fun stuff first. If we do that while our marriages are strong, hopefully we won't have to deal with the really hard stuff later on.

Read more about the events taking place across the state of Utah at utah marriage.

For more tips, ideas, and resources go to or

Monday, February 7, 2011

V-day our way - one

Sometimes I struggle with Valentines day becuase:
1. I don't particularly enjoy all the cheesey heartshaped boxes, red roses, and stuffed animals (I am so relieved my husband has figured this out!)

2. Most everything is geared toward women and I want to do something nice for my husband!

So, I have started gathering some fun valentine ideas I have seen on all my favorite blogs and want to share them with you over the next couple days. Hopefully one of them will spark your creativity and make this Valentines extra special for you and your love.

At Eat, Drink, Chic today:

A "couch picnic." sometimes the unpretentious evening at home can be a fun way to romance:

You can even download free templates here. Thanks Eat, Drink, Chic!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

(I started this post on Chinese New Year and am just now posting it, sorry for the out of date info! There's always next year!)

I work with a lovely Chinese couple who wanted to celebrate the new year with us so they brought lunch for the whole office on Wed. Isn't that sweet! I must admit I was a little confused to walk into the kitchen and find ham sanwiches and chips and salsa, although grateful, I thought "what does this have to do with Chinese New Year?"

Come to find out, thanks to the lovely contributors to wikipedia, it is tradition to eat "pigs, ducks, chicken and sweet delicacies." Although it made only a little more sense (I still don't get the chips and salsa), it peaked my interest, so course I had to read the rest of the article.

Some of my favorite traditions I would love to incorporate into our family traditions:

1.  I love the idea of  the family pitching to clean the house top to bottom "to sweep away any ill-fortune in hopes to make way for good incoming luck"

image source
2. Red Envelopes or red packets filled with various sums of money are given from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors. It is also common for adults or young couples to give red packets to children. Red packets are also known as 壓歲錢/压岁钱 or Ya Sui Qian, which translated means "the money used to suppress or put down the evil spirit"

image source: Hong Kong High

 3. Latern Festival inspired decor. The tradition had something to do with celebrating and cultivating positive relationships between people, families, nature and the higher beings that were believed to be responsible for bringing or returning the light each year. Usually takes place on the 15th day of the celebration
image source our suprising world

4. Of course eat Chinese Food (we like Asian Isle, do you have a favorite?) and try to stick with

image source asian isle

5. Firework Display
Bamboo stems filled with gunpowder that were burnt to create small explosions were once used in ancient China to drive away evil spirits. In modern times, this method has eventually evolved into the use of firecrackers during the festive season.

image courtesy of fakechineserubberplant

Ultimately, our Chinese friends compared Chinese New Year to our American Thanksgiving. A time when much of the city closes down and everyone migrates home to be with their family. I would love to incorporate more of these traditions into our family life. Sounds like so much fun.

P.S. As I am flower nut I also loved the list of flowers and their meanings according to Chinese tradition listed on Wikipedia.

Floral Decor

Plum Blossom

symbolizes luck


symbolizes prosperity


symbolizes prosperity


symbolizes longevity


a plant used for any time of year
means to have a good year

 a plant to heal all of your sickness
Chom Mon Plant
a plant which gives you tranquility

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kyle and Klydi

The big daisy, lime green, magenta, black and white  wedding day:

Sweetheart Table for wedding breakfast

Welcome to the Reception:

waiting for her groom...

The cake lady was totally questioning her skills as the cake was a little crazier than her typical style

Groom's boutonierre

Grandma's Coursage

Kyle and Klydi

Wedding tips:
#1 Hang decor from the ceiling. Although we kept it relatively simple it was so much fun to hang our empty frames, our chandelier, and a couple flower arrangements from wires strung across the gym. It gave the decor a new dimention and made the room more cozy as we were able to bring elements away from the walls.

#2 Add some homey elements. I loved bringing my lamps and my mom's end tables to flank the backdrop. The Damask curtains tied back and hung from the back drop made it almost feel as if the bride and groom were welcoming their guests into their personal home. This gives a very friendly and intimate feel to the not very cozy or intimate setting of a gymnasium.