Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming soon...

A wedding inspired by:

Lime Green

Black and White Damask

and daisies

Then to boot, our fun, outgoing bride wanted it funky & crazy, yet calm enough for a church...on a budget!
This criteria may have been our biggest challenge yet!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 in Review

Family Highlights
Courtney goes on a mission to Rapid City, South Dakota
Kris and Heidi get married

We start trying to sell condo. No luck yet!
Christopherson Family Reunion
Yellowstone with the Heywoods

Lion King at the Capitol Theatre
Matilda came back, possibly for good this time
We join the Cyprus High School Class of 2001 Class Reunion committee
Oregon for Thanksgiving
The announcement of 3 more nieces or nephews in the Heywood Family

Mason's Significant Events
Mason finished another 2 semseters of school. Go UTES!!!
Mason learns to flyfish
Mason gets released from being Ward Clerk
Mason maintains his calling as an Elders Quorum teacher and is added to the Activities Committee
Mason gets his new dream car
Mason gets hired on, on a permanent basis

Anna's Significant Events
Anna has girls weekend with the Walgamott side to celebrate Aunt Jill's "special" birthday
Anna has nose surgery
Anna serves on SMPS (Society for Marketing Professional Services) Board of Directors
Anna learns to knit
Anna gets released from being Relief Society President
Anna gets called to be a RS teacher and on the Activities Committee
Anna goes back to school to learn the art of print and photoshop (that was intense!)
Anna gets a new job
Anna completes decorated for 4 weddings and did hair & make-up for another

Current Events that caught our attention:
     Elizabeth Smart / Brian David Mitchell trial
     Election (I loved seeing all the powerhouse women and "Mommy politicians" this year)
     Engagement of William and Kate
     Controversy over LDS standards concerning homosexuality discussed in General Conference
     (I know, we're deep!)

Favorites of 2010:
(With our busy schedules, we haven't paid as much attention as we normally do, so here is our  unsubstantial list)
TV Shows



Purchase:   Desk organizers from IKEA (Seriously! I can't get over how much better our office space looks and feels having things organized and looking cute. These are super cheap and so well worth it!)

Decorating Technique: White spray paint
Look at how the white paint and new shades tranformed my lamps.

We are looking forward to whatever 2011 brings our way!