Thursday, July 15, 2010


Our mail man at work and I share the same birthday. I know because we ran into him at Rodizio Grill last year when we were both celebrating. So he just asked me about how we celebrated this year and teasingly said “twenty-nine again huh!?” I just kind of giggled (with a shocked looked on my face, no doubt).

So he said, “oh are you 29?”

I shook my head no.


“I’m 27” I told him.

He sheepishly replied “I thought I was being generous”


Thursday, July 1, 2010

For Sale

Urban lifestyle on a quiet street.

Mason and I are trying to sell our condo. We have LOVED living here but feel it is time for us to move on. Do you know anyone interested in buying a condo downtown? Send them our way! Here is a brief picture tour, but you can see more on the MLS, KSL, and


Living & Dining Room





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