Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its about love...

My dear friends, Morgan and Brittney, have been trying to adopt for a while now without any luck. They have been selected twice and both times the birth moms chose to keep their babies. It breaks my heart for them. I can’t imagine how it would feel to buy the supplies and mentally prepare yourself for this big life changing experience, only to have it ripped out from under you.

I so desperately want to help them! So, I am putting it out there to my 3 or so readers, if you know of anyone who might need to place a baby, please let them know about my friends. I have no doubt in my mind that they will be great parents who will raise the baby in the LDS church, be very attentive, be able to provide financially for a child, make sure they always look cute, provide them with great adventures (one of their favorite destinations is Disneyland and they go there as often as possible) and most importantly give the baby so much love.

Please feel free to check out their adoption page and keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I am a huge believer in adoption. In situations that often breed heartache, for a pregnant girl who isn't prepared for a baby and for a couple who is ready, willing, waiting, I feel like it is a great win-win situation. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this darling couple. Thanks for your support!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nose Job...sort of

Its been an interesting week. I had a little surgery last Monday to fix my deviated septum in my nose. I have been needing to get it done for years as it has caused me to get crazy intense nose bleeds when I spend too much time in the dry heat and has prevented me from being able to breathe out of one side of my nose for years. I am so grateful I am finally getting it done!

My sweet Husband and wonderful Mom have taken such good care of me. My husband has really gone out of his way to make sure I am comfortable, run errands for me, and has been so patient. My mom has come out to see me almost everyday, provided me lots of great magazines to keep me entertained , a wonderful meal and this darling cupcake themed gift including new pajamas to lounge in while I recover.

The gals at work sent me this beautiful arrangement
Good parts:
     1. I haven't had any bruising on my face, which I was totally expecting
     2. Sleeping a lot (who doesn't love that!)
     3. Spending time at home (I don't get to do that very often)
     4. Feeling so loved and taken care of
     5. Having a break from real life, a change of pace is always nice

Hard parts:
     1. Still not being able to breath out of my nose as it has been swollen, bleeding/ leaking, and having the stints in.
     2. Feeling home bound. I can't drive while I am still on these yucky drugs
     3. Having to extend the recovery time. The Doctor said my nose was more messed up than he had anticipated so I have to wait until Tuesday to get the stints and stitches out (rather than Friday).
     4. Getting stuck 6 times by the anesthesiologist trying to get a vain somewhere in my hand. They ended up having to use a pediatric needle as I didn't have good superficial veins. My hands are where the bruising has occured.
     5. Missing out on all the stuff I had planned this last weekend.

Although there it has been a sacrifice I am very grateful I have had the opportunity to get this fixed. I know it will benefit me for the the rest of my life. Thank goodness I had this done while my life is still relatively simple so I could focus on healing.

Hooray for being able to breathe after Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amy Atlas

photo from my life my loves
I have been noticing the increase in the symmetrical buffet table spreads like this one done by a mom for your 4 year old’s b-day party. A few months ago I found the source of the trend, Amy Atlas. I came across her blog and saw images I had fallen in love with when I viewed them in magazines. It all came together that it stemmed from her. For Amy I think it is all about the presentation. She can make anything look good!

I love going to her site for inspiration. She does beautiful work. Something tells me it’s harder than it looks. Now all I need is an excuse to plan a party like this.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pretty Chicky

I came across the coolest wedding blog I have ever seen. So many great images, ideas, color schemes, accessories….LOVE IT!

I haven’t come across one wedding on this blog that isn’t absolutely fabulous. My favorite weddings are the ones where the bride and grooms personalities really come through in an elegant way, like this vintage one.

I loved my wedding back in 2004 but I think if I were getting married now, I would do gray and yellow with a hint of a brighter color like hot pink, turquoise or red.
for sure would wear something other than the traditional veil. Maybe a fabric flower with feathers or a little hat with a veil off the front, wouldn’t that be fun and flirty!?!

If you were planning your wedding right now for 2010, what colors, flowers, style, etc. would you choose? Would you do anything different now than what you did then?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Custom Stamps

Last time I asked my husband to pick up stamps for us he came home with Simpsons stamps. Are you kidding me??? He said it was just what was given to him at the University Book Store and he didn’t even look at what they were until he was headed down the hall and his first thought was, “my wife’s not going to be happy about this!”

A better idea, custom stamps from My parents received this page of stamps from their friend Mandy for Christmas. Isn’t this so awesome!?! Its our family portrait.

Note: the one missing stamp was used for a letter sent to Chaz on the mission. My mom knew he would appreciate this!


I loved these romantic stories of true love that have survived the test of time. A few thoughts of inspiration from these lovely couples:
"We don't read newspapers at breakfast. We talk to each other." —Betty
"We married young, but we were grounded. To make it work, you need to have a good head on your shoulders — which even some 35-year-olds don't have." —Louis
"Let her go shopping. More than once, I've left a garage sale and gone to get my truck to carry all her antiques home. But true to Japanese tradition, we tolerate and accept every part of each other's personalities." —Pete
"We still kiss. We're affectionate. But it comes naturally. It doesn't happen for show. Sometimes we just lay down in bed and hold hands." —Stella
"Elmer always takes my hand and leads me across the parking lot like I'm his girl and he's taking care of me." —Imogene
"In every family, someone's got to drive the bus. But sometimes you change positions. You say, 'OK, this is not my thing after all. It's your turn to drive.' All our marriage, Jim took care of our checkbooks. Then, three years ago, I realized I had these wonderful math skills and could do them easier than he could." —Macon
Courtesy of Real simple

Some of my favorite thoughts on marriage:
1. “Lower your expectations” – Marjorie Peay Hinkley
2. Never talk bad about the one you love, to those who love you.
3. “Never buy on credit” – Dave Osborn (we have had to learn this one the hard way)
4. Marriage is a give and take, sometimes you are the giver and sometimes you are the taker, but it all balances out in the end.
5. Sacrifice now for what you want later
What are some of your favorite pieces of advice?