Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ideas for Mom's 50th Birthday

If your mom is anything like mine, she is hard to shop for. So when it came time to plan for the big 5-0 birthday, I felt like I was at a loss. I searched the internet looking for appropriate gifts and ways to celebrate to make this birthday unique & inexpensive (as none of us are rollin’ in the dough). I found a few ideas here and there but nothing very substantial. I, being the only girl, brainstormed my own list and presented it to “the boys” for their input. Although I know some of these ideas are specific to my mom, I thought I would put it out to the world in case anyone else is looking for ways to celebrate their mothers on these special occasions. At least it might provide a good jumping off point for someone. As that is all I was looking for some ideas to start from and tailor them to fit my Mom.

Gift Ideas for Mom:

1. 50 ways to say we love you (make a list of 50 things we love about her and then find little gifts to represent them. We can hide them throughout the house, or find other ways to give them to her throughout the day)

2. Get neighbors and friends to write notes as to why they love her and present them to her

3. Get her signed up for a class (i.e. foreign language, gardening, ballroom dance, social media, costume/fashion design, sewing, cooking, hat making, etc)
4. Weekend get away

5. Family vacation

6. Shopping Spree

7. Room D├ęcor Shopping Spree

8. A new couch

9. We could research the year the year she was born and plan an event around it

10. Load the Top 40 hits from 1960 onto her ipod or the #1 hit from every year she has been alive

11. A family photo shoot

12. Scan in all of her childhood pictures so she can have them in digital format

13. Rewrite the words to the song “50 ways to lose your lover” to “50 reasons why we love you” & sing it to her over dinner

14. Work on updating her least favorite room in her home

15. Tickets for the family to go to a show in Wendover

16. A “work day” helping to paint, clean, build a structure for the backyard, etc. Whatever project she would like help with

17. Tickets for a show at Kingbury Hall, Pioneer Theatre Co., Rosewagner Theatre, Capitol Theatre, Abravenel Hall; some place she doesn’t get to go very often and would provide a more “formal” outing.

18. Nice collection of Herbal teas

19. New Book Shelves/organizers for her office

20. A coupon book with little things we could do to help her out

21. Dad could take her out on a nice date

22. Gift Certificates for a pedicure, manicure, massage

23. Scavenger Hunt throughout the day

What have you done for your mom on such momentous occasions? I would love to hear you ideas and will add them to this list. Thanks!


Aubrey said...

Thank you for sharing! I find myself in the same boat as you, and i wanted to do something fun for her 50th this August. :)

we are GIBSON said...

My mom is not into big celebrations honoring HER so we celebrated her 50th by surprising her with a hotel room and having a girl's weekend. We went to dinner, did some shopping, stayed up late eating treats and playing games. It was a lot of fun and has turned into an annual girl's getaway. It is so much fun!

For my husband's mother's 50th, we're throwing a funeral themed party. She LOVES Halloween so it's going to be black and cemetery themed. Should be fun!

Collett Family said...

Great ideas. I especially liked the 50 ways that we love her! I always love reading your fun party ideas.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the awesome ideas!

jacque p said...

Amazing Ideas! For my mom's upcoming 50th, we are surprising her with a "murder mystery" style party (you can get these on eBay premade). She had been to a few before and LOVED them, so even though its a little cheesy- We are going along with it for her big day. For after the games, i will defintiely be playing her playlist of #1s through the years, and doing some other "50 things." Thanks so much for the ideas!

Spark said...

Hi.. We are planning to make a new style photo album with our comments and tag lines from a selection of pictures from the time she was a child to now. It includes photos of teh whole family, some funny ones, and some to remind her of special moments. We did the same for our dad. It's a gift to treasure :)
We are also looking for ways to celebrate her birthday with friends and family.. Some idea were a DJ party.. or a karaoke... plz suggest if anyone can come up with some different and unique kind of ideas :) :) Thanks..

Anonymous said...

really helpful

Krissy McKissick said...


Richard C. Lambert said...

3. Get her signed up for a class (i.e. foreign language, gardening, ballroom dance, social media, costume/fashion design, sewing, cooking, hat making, etc) what to get a girl for Christmas

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