Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking toward Medical School - The good, the bad, and the ugly

Mason has his MCAT (Medical School admissions test) scheduled for April 18. So as you can imagine, he has been studying his guts out! We have been looking forward to getting his score back, starting the application process this summer and prepping for interviews in the fall. I was feeling like things were progressing and we were getting ready to move onto the next phase of life.

He finally went in to see his Pre-Med Advisor for school to make sure everything was in order for him to start applying she suggested he wait a year due to the fact he forgot to take two 1-credit science labs. From this there is some good, some bad, and sad to say some ugly.

Good: If he waits an extra year, he will definitely be a stronger candidate. He will have more extra-curricular activities to include (he has to 15 experiences), more chances to get published on papers through his work, time to raise his GPA a little (His classes will be easier because he will have finished all his pre-med requirements this semester except the two 1-credit labs) and we will be more financially stable.

Bad: There would be a very slim chance he would be accepted if he applied to schools this year. That means he wouldn’t graduate with his bachelors until 2011. That is 6 years going to school full-time and 6 years of student loans to pay back.

Ugly: My response…Lets just leave it at that.

Being that we don’t have much of a choice, he will go ahead and take his test, but then will probably wait until next year to actually apply. Of course I was totally bummed and mad, feeling like our lives were being put on hold…again. Mason however was great with it. He didn’t seem concerned at all. I was afraid he would be discouraged and feel like it was just too frustrating to keep going, but it was just the opposite. He is determined to be a doctor and is grateful for the opportunity to be a stronger candidate. I am very proud of him for persevering and sticking to his dreams and goals.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Awaken Soul Purpose

“If you have a goal or dream, and you die before it is accomplished, it will be as if you were never born.”
-Garret White

The other day I got an email from my dad inviting me to an introduction to a seminar he attended called “Soul Purpose Intensive.” He claimed it was a life changing experience. Not really knowing what it was all about but wanting to support my Dad, Mason and I went.

At first I was a little confused because they started with all these people “testifying” of how the workshops changed their lives, and I, being the cynic I am at times, thought it was so silly. Garrett White, the founder, began to speak and he reminded me of an Evangelical preacher you see on TV.

Again, I was thinking, “He has learned to be persuasive to make money.”
As he went on, he explained that the Soul Purpose workshops are designed to help each individual find their personal mission they agreed to do before they even came to this earth. He said most of us who are Christians are taught a very general answer to the questions “Why are we here?” and “What is our purpose?” He feels that while our answer we have been instructed to say is true, there is more to it than that.

For the past few years I have been struggling with this idea of feeling like I have an inner mission but not knowing what it is. I have purchased books like “Finding your Passion and Purpose” and studied my patriarchal blessing just as recently as last Sunday trying to figure out what I, as one tiny little person in this huge overwhelming world, can contribute to make it a better place.

As I sat there listening started feeling like this could be my answer to prayer to define my purpose and be able to work every day to achieve it. Now for the "measly little cost of $500" I can go and learn about how I can make a difference. Although it is an expensive price tag for someone like me, I can honestly say I think it will be worth it.

Onward and Upward to my next goal: Saving for “Soul Purpose Intensive.”

To learn more, click here: Awaken Soul Purpose

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maxi Dress: My Favorite Fashion Trend

My favorite place to shop is called Suzy’s Deals. I think of it as my little secret! I love it because everything is only $5.99 or less, so although we are poor college students, I can walk out of the store spending $40 and have something new to wear everyday the next week.

One of my favorite finds was an awesome dress I got last fall. It is a very basic brown looooong dress. It goes all the way to the floor! At the time I thought, "this is cute and boy does it look comfortable." I went back in January and found another loooong green print dress I decided I just had to buy it because I love my brown one with a similar style so much. I wear them to church, work, and even at home, they are that comfy!

Well, the other day, I saw a commercial for Old Navy selling this kind of dress which they are calling their “Town Gown.” I am so excited I have decided I only have one agenda item for this weekend: Go buy one of those dresses!!! I searched online to find similar fashions at other stores and learned the technical name for them is a Maxi dress. They are one of the hottest styles spring. (of course I wear mine with a shirt underneath and usually a jacket over top, but it still works!)

Wow! I had no idea I was so cutting edge. Thank you, Suzie’s Deals for carrying such cute and cheap clothing.

Moral of the story:
1. Shop at Suzie’s Deals for great inexpensive clothing
2. Get yourself a Maxi Dress. I promise you will love it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey all you private bloggers out there, please don't get to invite me into your "classified" world. I get so sad everytime I try to check someone's blog and realize I don't have access. I love blogging because I am able to keep in contact with everyone; I would be so sad to lose that! I hate to beg, but here goes... please please, don't forget me! heywood.anna@gmail.com

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Creative Space

I loved in last Women’s Conference Pres. Uctdorf talked about how we all have an innate desire to create because it will be our great reward to one day be able to create our own worlds. I have thought about that a lot and realized that I feel incredibly alive and exhilarated when I have the opportunity to be creative.

So I think that if I could go back to college and take some classes, I would do all things design! I would understand the concepts of Interior Design, Graphic Design, Floral Design, Textile Design, Costume Design, Industrial Design, Hair and Make-up, Event Planning as well as crafting, painting, photography, etc. I know those may seem a little frivolous, but I think they could provide a great outlet for joy and even a vehicle for making money from home.

I feel so inspired by so much of what I see I just wish I knew how to transform my inspiration into creations. Here are some sites & blogs that have inspired me most recently: (I am a little hesitant to share these, because I am sure I will be stealing ideas, but they are just too fabulous not to pass on)

Check them out! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oscar Party

I am a little slow in posting this, but we had a great Oscar party that I want to remember, so I am doing it anyway. It was totally planned last minute, but turned out to be so fun!

Food: Appetizers: Spinach Dip and Chips and homemade sushi

Dinner: Panko crusted Tilapia, Cilantro Rice, and gourmet green salad

Desert: Star topped chocolate mousse and star shaped brownies

Oscar Bingo: I found these cards online and they worked out awesome! They kept our attention the whole time, but who wouldn't with Hugh Jackman hosting this year! There were fun movie themed prizes when each person won a bingo.

Oscar Ballot: We all did quite well with our ballots this year, but the winner was my16-year-old cousin, Matt. He said his strategy was to listen to what the rest of us were saying and base his decisions off of that, because he had only seen the cartoons! He won a movie date basket with our version of an Academy Award. His responsibility now is to leave his mark on the Statue and bring it back next year.

I love having fun little parties like this and making a small event a big deal!