Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Come to my Lia Sophia Party!

One of my best friends from high school is selling Lia Sophia Jewelry, so I am throwing a party to help her out. Anyone and everyone is invited!

So come one, come all to my place Thursday Oct 2 @ 7:00.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursdays - Cyprus

GO PIRATES!!! I was able to go back to my High School, Cyprus today for the Alumni Assembly. I wasn’t planning to go because I always think they are a little awkward, but Chaz’s band, Seriously Evan, was playing and I just couldn’t even focus at work because I wanted to be there to support him so badly. I decided I really ought to just go…so I did.

I got there just as the assembly started and I was right, I felt awkward. I was only going to stay until the band played and then I was sneaking out! Wouldn’t you know they were last on the program. Grrr!!!
So as I sat in my seat in very un-cute hair and clothes (remember I wasn’t planning on going) I started to forget my self consciousness and really enjoy myself.

First of all I love assemblies, I always have and I always will, but I forget that Magna and Cyprus is really unique. I have been living Downtown for almost 2 years now and I love it, but it was so evident when I went back that Cyprus is a very personable, unlike the city schools.

I loved that the MC, an middle-aged gentleman, was born and raised in Magna and knew so much about the people and the places.

I love that there is a large percentage of the faculty who are alumni (isn’t that wonderful that they would want to come back)

I love that there are strong traditions

I love that there is HUGE community support for the sports teams

I love that all 3 girls in Homecoming royalty had sleeves on their dresses

I love the Spinnakers and their swords

I love seeing people sporting blue and gold

And I love that my journey at Cyprus High School had such a huge positive influence on who I am today. Therefore, today I am so thankful for Cyprus High School! I loved my experience there, not that would want to go back necessarily, but I am so grateful that I have no regrets! I feel like now it is my turn to give back. I am not sure how, but I want to find a way!

Man's Search for Meaning

I recently started attending a book club that my best friend Ashley started. The book she chose this month was “Man’s Search for Meaning, by Victor E. Frankyl.” It is the story of a Holocaust survivor who takes his struggles and with them creates a psychiatric theory called “Logotherapy.”

Now I must admit that I didn’t have much fun while I was reading it because his stories painted heart breaking pictures in my mind, and reading about his theories was a little like reading a text book but it didn’t have pictures and stuff(I even fell asleep while reading it during my lunch break like I used to do with my text books in college) but the overall feeling and perspective I gained was well worth it! The lessons I learned from reading this book are:

1. Your attitude is what effects your happiness, not your circumstances
2. It is crucial to find meaning and purpose in your life!
3. With liberty comes responsibility, we must all take responsibility for our own actions

There is so much more, and I think every person who reads it can come away with something different. I loved reading this one in a book club. I don’t know if I would have gotten as much out of it if I didn’t have other people’s insight and feelings to discuss. It really made me think. This is a psychological theory I can really subscribe to and apply to my life. It is by far one of the most inspirational books I have ever read! Thanks Ashley for bringing it to us!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Terrible Wife Award

Last week Mason had another surgery on his arm. He had to go in and get the rest of the tissue removed surrounding where the tumor had been so it wouldn’t grow back anymore. It shocked me when we found out the surgery would actually take place in the hospital and he would be totally put under. That was different than last time; I was surprised, but not worried.

So last Wednesday we went in and I told the person who got us started “I’m going to head to work and I will be back in a couple hours to pick him up.” She looked at me totally confused and concerned and said, “You will want to talk to your nurse about that.” No big deal, the nurse came and checked all his vital signs and I spoke to her about it. While writing her notes she looked at me all skeptically over the glasses sitting on the edge of her nose and said “that should be… okay.”

The doc was ready for surgery early so the orderly came and pick up Mason as he was lying in the hospital bed and wheeled him up to the operating room. The whole time I am thinking “they sure are making a big deal out of a little thing on his arm.” Once we got to the OR I figured I would go in with Mason until he was under anesthesia then slip out to head to work. The orderly said to me “now this is where we split. Say your final goodbye’s and then go check in with the Receptionist.” What, FINAL GOODBYES??? That makes it sound like he is being taken into death! I once again said, “Well I was going to go to work.” He looked at me shocked and said, “Regardless, you need to check in with the receptionist.”

Now I was starting to get nervous. I felt like this is such a bigger deal than I had anticipated. Last time he went to the doctors office for a 1 hour appointment, had local anesthesia and then he drove home. We found out that the tumor was benign, but they didn’t get it all so that’s why they had to do it one more time. No big deal, right?!?

As I went in to check-in with the receptionist she asked the patient’s name, “Mason Heywood” I said. “Who is the Doctor?”
“Dr. Scott.”

Then she looked at me puzzled and asked “are you related to the patient?” “Yes, he is my husband.” “Oh,” she got this sad look on her face “I am so sorry!” What?!? Sorry for what?

“I was going to take off to work and then come back to get him when he is done” I told her. She looked appalled. “It is only going to be a couple of hours and the doctor is going to want to talk with you afterward!”

That was it, “I will stay then!” I told her. I started to get so upset wondering why no one told me this was such a big deal and that I needed to be more concerned! I sat their stewing as I was reading my hightly intellectual book sTori Telling, Tori Spelling’s autobiography, but I couldn’t even concentrate. I was getting more upset by the minute. An hour passed, the amount of time they said it would take to complete surgery, and I could expected to hear from the doctor…nothing. Again, more stress and less concentration.

Another hour later I stopped reading as I looked at the clock and then it hit me. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. I realized… the doctor who was doing Mason’s surgery is a extremity cancer specialist. Although his tumor was not cancerous, the original doctor had suggested he see this Dr. Scott to make sure it was done properly. All this time the people who didn’t have the chart in front of them I am sure were thinking, “oh this poor young man has cancer, he is bald after all, and his wife is being so insensitive! Its as if she doesn’t even care, she just wants to get to work! She certainly deserves the ‘Terrible Wife of the Year Award!’”

I was totally relieved when I realized why people were treating me the way they were. I was fully informed, they weren’t. Believe me, we had plenty of stress during the time we were waiting to see if it was cancerous, and I my heart does go out to those people who are going through that exact situation, but I knew that wasn’t us at this time. There is no way I would have acted that way had this been a more serious situation. Funny though!

He is doing better now and goes in to have his stitches removed Tuesday. He will have a really gnarly scar though. He just says, “Its going to make me look so tough! No one will want to mess with me!”

Monday, September 8, 2008

I've been tagged

Here are the rules: List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 obsessions, 3 surprising facts and tag 3 more people on your blog.

3 Joys:Creating projects with my own two hands, Planning parties/gifts for people I love, going on dates with Mason

3 Fears:Not being able to have children, having people mad at me, Mason not getting in to Medical School

3 Obsessions:(Its new every week) Aprons, Unique/funky/chunky Jewelry, Boneless Buffalo Wings

3 Surprising Facts:
Mason and I have been together for 8 years (not including the time we were broken up), I wish I would have played more in College, In elementary I was the tallest in my class 3 years in a row! (now I am only 5’4”)

I tag Brittney Thompson, Nicole Rowland, & MindyHeywood!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The World is a Stage

Seussical the Musical recently started at the Empress Theatre and Mason and I were fortunate to be there on opening night. What a fun show! We had never seen it before or even heard the music, but it was a blast the whole way through. The show was stocked full of high quality performers, lots of color, and lots of music. I am always amazed at the level of performance our quaint little Empress Theatre in Magna is able to present. This is way above “community theatre” in my opinion. If you grew up reading Dr Seuss or even if you have never heard of him, this show will delight you and everyone in your family just the same.

Seriously Evan CD’s are on sale now and are only $10! Check out Seriously Evan’s myspace for more info on getting your own copy, for info on their upcoming concerts, and to hear a sample of some of their music. I have been fascinated by the response they have received at their concerts and such. Their music has a much broader fan base than many other bands they perform with because they have a little bit of everything; their lyrics are witty (and you can understand them), some songs are romantic (which all the girls love) and of course the music itself is really fun and entertaining. What can I say, I AM SUCH A FAN and I hope you will be too!