Friday, June 27, 2008

I love Apron Contests!

Check out the Apronista blog for a chance to win this or other cute aprons!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Time

It finally feels like summer to me! At this phase in my life, it feels like everyday is the same. I go from my air conditioned condo to my air conditioned car to my air conditioned work and back again with very little variation. So I haven’t really felt a lot of warmth from the summer like I used to when I was younger. There was a definite distinction between summer and the rest of the year with school getting out, working at summer camps, moving home from college, and getting ready to go back to school. Now, it all just kind of runs together.

Tuesday though, we were finally able to feel like summer has arrived! My brother’s sort-of girlfriend and her family invited my whole family to go to Pineview Reservoir to do some boating, tubing and waterskiing. We took a half a day off of work and spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and water. It was absolutely glorious! I loved every second of it!!! I tried two different tubes that get pulled behind the boat. I didn’t really think of it at the time, but that is a workout for my arms, chest and neck! I was definitely feeling it the Wednesday.

Sometimes the sore muscle feeling is great and you feel like you have made progress in building some muscle and burning calories. Yahoo! The only bad thing is that I had my dance class the next day (yes you read correctly, I finally got going with my BEGINNING Adult dance class!) I didn’t realize how sore I actually was until the instructor started having us do all kinds of contortionist moves, which I can’t do anyway, but yesterday was even worse than normal!
Needless to say, while I thought I was feeling it at my dance class last night, today is even worse! It is a little hard for me to move, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love that I was able to get into the Summer-frame-of-mind, and I LOVE my dance class!

P.S. Summertime makes me want to listen to 2 kinds of music: Oldies and Country! I have added my “At the Hop” music list of some of my favorite songs from the 50’s. Can’t you just picture all the teenagers back in the 50’s going to the Hop to go dancing and then pulling up in their awesome cars to the drive in restaurants? That is what I picture whenever I hear this music and sometimes I think, “I was born in the wrong era.” I am sure that is not true but I sure do romanticize it in my head!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I love aprons! The practical side of me appreciates that I can keep my clothes clean while cooking, and my creative side loves the fun accessory it becomes as I pick out which one to wear. My fascination with aprons began last year around this time. I thought I was being so nostalgic and creative, thinking I wanted to start making them to give as gifts to my girl friends. Little did I know that I was really just jumping on the bandwagon of a whole community of "Apronistas!" I love it though and appreciate all the ideas I get from seeing what other people do.
Nicole, you caught on to me when I mentioned in my list of favorite things that I liked finding cute fabric and sewing. You said you wanted to see what I had made and I have been nervous to "come out of the closet" and confess that I like sewing, but here goes!

Unfortunately, I am not as fast as I would like to be, so I have only made a few so far, but I am getting better and am just starting to branch out into creating my own patterns in my head as I go. These are a couple of the aprons I have made. I have more, but I have either already given them out or just not taken pictures yet.

If you are interested in getting your own Apron Collection started. Check out this, The Apronista, website and enter to win this AMERICANA apron or others in the free give away!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Music in the Park

Looking for a fun way to kick off the summer and support the community in the process? Come to the Magna Arts “Music in the Park” concert starring “SERIOUSLY EVAN” (cue the loud cheers with lots of clapping, hooting and hollering!)

Its FREE, so if you loved their Geek Chic music video; need a good FHE activity; or want to find out how to get your own I “heart” magna t-shirt come to:

Music in the Park
Pleasant Green Park (By the Rec Center)
8:00 pm
Monday June 9, 2008

For more info on Seriously Evan check out their Myspace

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


When my Dad came home from his mission he had 2 main questions with in the first 24 hours:

1. Joline, (my mom) will you marry me?
2. Why do people, billboards, Newspapers, Magazines, etc keep asking, “Who shot JR Ewing?” Who is he?

I would laugh and think it was so funny that my Dad was such an awkward return missionary that he would ask a girl to marry him when he had been home for less than 24 hours, and that he was so out of touch with the real world that he wasn’t even aware of the phenomenon known as DALLAS. Needless to say, both my mom and Dallas fast became two important parts of his life. It seems like it was such a hit that it was hard not to love it.

During one of my weekly Library excursions I found some of the seasons of DALLAS on DVD. I decided I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I check it out. The earliest season they had was Season 3 and because I really just wanted to catch a glimpse of what the fuss was about, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to start in the middle. Ten disks and two weeks later, JR had been shot and I just had to know who did it. I continued with my DALLAS obsession for a couple months but when I went back for the 7th season, it wasn’t there and I quickly forgot about it.

When I went last night to see what was new, there it was…DALLAS Season 7! I was thrilled and hoped that I hadn’t forgotten who was running Ewing Oil, who was getting married, and who was getting rich when season 6 left off, as it had been a few months and I have a terrible memory. As I put on the first disk it all came back to me like I just finished the last season the day before. Yahoo! (I just love television shows on DVD) It is a Soap Opera in every sense of the word: lying, cheating, stealing, spying, divorcing, marrying, drinking, and everything else that makes up the dramatics of Prime Time Television, and I am totally hooked.

Another highlight of the show for me, is all things 80’s! I love learning more about the pop culture of different decades. Seeing how they portray women in the workforce, the new fascination of aerobics, the trendy prevalence of cocaine, the big hair, thick make-up, and shoulder pads. I love catching a glimpse of all the things that were popular back then.

What’s next in my 80’s fix you might ask, and I am trying to decide…Dynasty, Knots Landing, Moonstruck…I’ll let you know when I get there!