Monday, January 28, 2008

The Ending of an Era

Sunday January 27, 2007 our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinkley passed away. He was a inspirational leader with energy to match any 25-year-old athlete. He was the Prophet of my youth and I will remember him for his preparation for hard times ahead by instigating the brilliant documents “The Family, A Proclamation to the World,” and “The Living Christ;” building over 100 temples and therefore reminding us of the importance of temple attendance and the refuge that can be found there; and for not being afraid to bear your testimony to the masses even through the media.

I had the wonderful opportunity to have my picture taken with him for an issue of the New Era and I felt the power of his presence as I shook his hand and spoke to him about what I enjoyed doing. It was an experience I will never forget. He is truly a man called of God.

Maddox with Pine Tree 2

Every month Mason and I get together with some of our favorite people ever: Nic, Ashley, Kevin and Jamie. The three of us girls spent a semester living together in Pine Tree 2 apartments while attending Snow College in good ol’ Ephraim. We always had so much fun.

Now, thanks to Ashley’s knack for keeping in touch have been reunited, and for the last year have been spending one evening a month together, just the 3 couples. We rotate planning the activities and drag our husbands along to our little monthly shin digs. Actually they come very willingly. My husband loves these guys almost as much as I do!

This month we met in Brigham City to go to MADDOX. Oh my goodness!!!! It was seriously the best food I have ever had. The rolls were incredible and the meat was so tender and flavorful. I just couldn’t believe it! Well worth the drive!!!

The company of course was fabulous too. We can’t help but have a rip-roaring-good-time when we are together. We spent almost 3 hours eating the delicious food and laughing our heads off (hopefully that means we burned some extra calories because after that meal I certainly needed it!) It was an experience we will not soon forget; complete with eating food out of the garbage (I am too embarrassed to elaborate much on that one), but I will tell you it was well worth it!

Thanks girls and hubbies for a great time! As always, we look forward to next time: Dinner and Dancing at Ashley & Nic’s Valentines party. I know it will be a blast! The Girls: Anna, Ashley & Jamie

The Boys: Kevin (Jamie's Husband) Nic (Ashley's Husband) & Mason (my one and only!)

Jamie: Thanks for letting me use your pictures :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursdays - Halle

We celebrated our niece’s 1st birthday on Sunday. Halle, Mason’s brother Kris’ baby, is such a joy in our lives! She is the first grandchild on both sides of her extended family, so as you can guess she is extremely loved by all. At the party, we were able to watch videos from her first year of life. It is amazing how quickly this year has gone. We have enjoyed watching her grow so much.

I don’t get to see her that often, usually only once or twice a month. Every time I see her I can’t believe how much she has grown, how smart she is, and how much my love for her grows. I even crave her sometimes. I just want to watch her dance, listen to her “read,” hold her in my arms, whisper in her ear (she loves that), and play hide-and-seek with her. She is so cute!!!

These are some pictures Mason has taken of her this year. Isn’t he a great photographer!?! I love his work!

Happy Birthday Halle! We love you!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Media Moment - Pushing Daisies

This writers strike is totally bumming me out! I finally have time now to watch my two favorite television shows Pushing Daisies and The Office (now that I have a new calling and I am not currently in a show at the Empress) but now it is nothing but re-runs. Sometimes they don’t even show those. I thought this was supposed be the best time of year for TV!

I am in love with Pushing Daisies. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It is on ABC Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. (well, that is its regularly scheduled time, but it hasn’t been on the past few weeks)

It is the story of Ned, a pie maker who realized as a child he had a special power. He can make dead things come to life, just by touching them! Each episode is a different murder mystery which Ned helps solve with his power, but it is also a very charming romantic comedy. I think one of the best things about that it is very aesthetically pleasing. It has such an awesome style, kind of retro, and very charming with bright colors! I simply love it and I just can’t wait until the next episode.

If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the perfect time to get caught up! You can watch the episodes at

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thankful Thursdays - Neosporin

Today I feel very thankful for Neosporin. It helps with all kinds of owies in this hurtful world, but my favorite use is for my old pimples. (I was going to include a picture of a pimple here but decided that would be gross!)

You know when you buy a new face wash and your face breaks out for a while until it gets used it? Well that combined with the onset of aunt flow caused for a week of terrible skin. The big bumps were all going down but the ones I had picked at were still red and sore. (I guess that is why they tell you to just leave them alone, but because I am not a patient person, I have a hard time following that advice.) So I pulled out the magic salve, Neosporin to apply before going to bed. I awoke to greatly reduced red spots. Hallelujah!!!! I am sure after tonight they will be long gone.

Thank you to Pfizer, the makers of this miracle ointment. It has definitely earned a place on my list of simple things that I cannot live without. Some of the other items on my list include:
Bobby pins
Ziplock bags
Rubber Bands
And last but not least, Glitter

Oh, I lead such an exciting life!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Media Moment

After the Holidays I begged Mason to take me on an official “date” because we hadn’t been out just the two of us in a long time. We went to dinner and a movie. He wouldn’t tell me what movie we were going to see though because he wanted me to be surprised. (He knows that if a surprise is involved, I feel like it is a special occasion! I love surprises) I was thrilled when I realized we were seeing P.S. I love you.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it! I bawled almost the whole way through. Usually when I cry I hate the whole experience but this time it was tender and I appreciated how applicable it seemed to be to real life. Although there were main characters, I felt like there were characters for everyone to relate too, true to the feelings of real life. It was hilarious, sad, frustrating, and romantic. Just my kind of movie!

All in all I was thrilled with the movie and walked away feeling a great appreciation for my husband; not only for planning a really fun date, but also because I was so grateful to have him there with me. (after you see the movie, you will know what I mean.) See it! You’ll love it!

I must say I am totally impressed with this new Gerard Butler who stars in the movie. He is quite a diverse actor. Mason recognized him from 300 when we were watching him as a Romantic lead in this show. Then, the next day we were watching Phantom of the Opera and realized he played the Phantom. I am excited to see what he will come up in next!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thankful Thursdays - Mason

I love that most husbands and wives personalities fit together like a puzzle. It is fascinating to me to meet husbands and wives and try to figure out what attracted them to one another or how their pieces intersect. I agree with the idea that "opposites attract" to a certain extent. I still think that it is extremely helpful in a marriage to have the same values and ultimate goals, but often times the route to reaching those goals is interpreted differently depending on their individuality. It is what makes life interesting. I see my friend’s successful marriages working out this way, and I think it is very evident with Mason and me. He is such a good, supportive, calming influence for me.

Today I am thankful for my wonderful husband. I am sure there will be plenty of entries about him because he is my best friend and the love of my life. I am feeling especially grateful for his support. I always seem to come up with these crazy ideas of adventures or new things I want to pursue and no matter what it is, he is always incredibly encouraging.

Last night I had no motivation to do anything. (That is extremely out of character for me) We got pizza and he went to pick up a movie for us. (This was on a Wednesday night mind you.) I put on my pajamas at 7:15 and did nothing but lay on the couch or bed all evening. I watched the entire movie without a project or magazine in front of me and then once the movie was over, I just laid there and read my book. I was amazed at how incredibly supportive he was with me being so lazy. He didn’t criticize, he just let me do my thing. He is such a wonderful husband. I hope I can learn to be more like him!

Isn't this a cute picture!?!? This is from the cruise when he won a competition to get to perform as Garth Brooks. He was awesome. For the rest of the cruise I had all these random people telling me what a wonderful performer he is. I was so proud!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have never been much of a reader. Probably because I had always been in school and all my “desire to read” brain fragments were taken up with required reading. Now that it has been a few of years since I have graduated from college, my “desire to read” brain fragments are feeling deprived.

I love how smart people sound and are when they seem to read a lot because they never run out of stuff to talk about and they can recall these fabulous stories they have read. Plus they have these great imaginations. I am hoping that by reading it will force me to use my mind to create the look of characters and anticipate what is to come. We’ll see if it works; sounding smart and gaining an imagination at the age of 24.

Now for the celebration…I just finished my first book of the new year, Yahoo! (Cheers, claps and cat calls for me!) That may not seem like a great feat for many but for me it is. I finally read the book “Twilight.” I have heard about it from a few people here and there (my relief society president, young girls at the Empress, and my sister-in-law’s grandma) but when I went to a party with some of my high school girlfriends they all were talking about these awesome books. I thought, “What, you actually want to read books about high school and vampires?!?” but I guess if such a wide variety of people enjoyed the book then maybe it would be a good one for me to get started with on my way into my reading frenzy. Guess what, it was!!!

My sweet husband bought all 3 books in the series that have been completed and I am more than ready to get on with the next one. If you are looking for a good book for pure entertainment this is a great, fast read.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thankful Thursdays - New Beginnings

I once heard the idea of writing something you are thankful for every Thursday and I thought it was a great way to think positively. So today being Thursday, I would like to start this tradition. Today I am actually thankful for 2 things: Holidays that fall on Tuesdays and new beginnings.

I love the fact that both Christmas and New Years were on Tuesday because it allows for a party atmosphere to start on Friday after work and last through Tuesday. (I was able to have Christmas Eve off and I only worked a half day on New Year’s Eve) I just love parties and making the holiday season last as long as possible. We had a great Christmas and New Years!

I am also thankful for the start of a new year. I love the rejuvenating feeling of starting fresh. You can put the last year behind you and move forward with great new goals and passion for life. I never like to tell people what my goals are because I don’t want others to think I am a failure for not accomplishing them. My husband is just the opposite. He likes to tell people because he feels it helps him be motivated to keep them.

So, because it is a new year, I am going to try new things starting with writing down This year though, I want to get them down so I can refer back to them often and in hopes that if I imagine someone is reading them, I will be more motivated to reach them.

1. Read 1 book a month ( I have never been much of a reader, but I started reading Twilight and have really enjoyed how relaxed it helps me feel)
2. Try to learn 3 new skills this year ( I am trying to find my niche, something I love doing)
3. Read the BOM every day
4. Try a new recipe every week
5. Put into practice, the routines suggested by the Fly Lady. (If you are not familiar with this concept of organizing, I definitely think you should check it out!)
6. Finally, do at least one entry on my blog every week.

How exciting to feel like I have things to look forward to with this coming year. I hope you plan to have a great year too. I would love to read about your new years resolutions.