Monday, October 8, 2007

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Anna and I had the opportunity to spent a week in paradise this last month as we went on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. We went with Anna's family, her brothers, and parents as well as her grandparents, her Uncle Bob, and her Uncle and Aunt Gull and there two daughters; 13 in all. It was good to spend some time with her extended family; they all live in Idaho so I haven't had a lot of time to get to know them since we have been married. we left on a Friday to Florida, spent the night and boarded the ship on Saturday. We had four stops: 1st was Half Moon Kay, then St. Thomas, San Juan, and finally Grand Turk.

Half Moon Kay was by far my favorite stop. It is a privately owned island with only 13 people living on it, all of which work for the cruise line. The sand was very white and felt like you were walking on cake batter. We spent the day swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, and of course getting sun burned. where was no dock so to get to the island we took ferries the ship; quite the experience.

Stop number two was to St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This was a beautiful place. we first took a tour of the island which took us to the highest point on the island where i was able to get a picture of Anna. After the tour we went to a beach did some snorkeling. This was very close to being the favorite stop, we had a lot of fun.

San Juan, Puerto Rico. This stop was our history stop. We toured the city and took a tour of the forts the guarded the island during much of its history as a territory of Spain and the U.S. To me it was like being on the scene of Pirates of the Caribbean. The Streets were narrow and crowded, and the buildings were mostly old, but it was fascinating. The cemetery shown above is the oldest under the United States flag and is actually older then the U.S. itself.

Grand Terk was an interesting stop. It didn't have the vegetation that the other islands had and was very flat in appearance. The southern most end of the island was built up very nice by the cruise line with all of the glitz and glamor possible. Anna, her mother and I decided to take a cab to the town center of Grand Terk to see what local life was like. The town center was in directly opposite of that of the port. The buildings were old and in disrepair; it was the closest I've ever experienced to being in a third world country. The locals however didn't seem to even care. I actually found it very interesting.

Life on board was great too. There were shows every night, dinner in fancy dining rooms, dancing, singing, and of course all of the food you can eat; and believe me, I took all the advantage of the free food. one of the highlights for me was the last show of the cruise. It was a legends show where vacationers got to tryout to impersonate famous singers such as: Elvis,James Brown, Garth Brooks, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Brittney Spears, etc. With much insisting from Anna I tried out and was able to be Garth Brooks for the show, singing "Friends in Low Places" it was really fun to do and apparently I did an alright job.

Anna and I are grateful that we were able to have this experience. We are grateful for her parents and especially her Grandpa for making it all possible.