Monday, September 10, 2007

Mason and I are happy be getting back to a more regular schedule after dedicating our lives to "Bye, Bye Birdie." We made some great memories and some wonderful friends. In a way it is sad, feeling like we have nothing to do, it was dictated for us for the last 3 months. As always though, we will continue working hard to make Empress Theatre adventure a success. Mason serves as the Secretary on the Board of Directors, and I am the House Manager (In charge of all Ushers and Ticket Sellers). We love spending time at the theater and feel that it is a great contribution to the community.

Chaz, my little brother, not only played Conrad in the show, but also did all the computer art work for the show and advertising, like this magazine cover he created for part of the set. He looked the part and boy, can he dance! He did a great job!

My older brother, Robert, played Mr. MacAfee, my husband. It was actually really fun to play opposite of him. We already had a rhythm, since we grew up together which I think made working together come naturally. You can tell we are all in character in this picture!

This is Mason's cute and silly little sister, Courtney. She made this such a fun experience. It is hard to tell from this picture, but she has great red hair so at our cast party when they were giving out awards, she was given the award for "The Best Ponytail." It really was darling! It would have made any teenage girl in the 50's envious!
Mason saved this show by playing 3 different characters, Mr. Johnson, the Policeman, and the bartender, Maude. Every night Chaz would draw on tattoos for Mason's bartender character. Every night Mason had the same tatoo drawn on his left arm but he picked a different one for his right forearm for each performance. (That just might have been Mason's favorite part of being in this show!) In this character, he led the Men's quartet in singing one of the best songs in the musical, "Baby Talk to Me." ( That is Mason's brother Blake standing to the left of him)

I, as always, played the Mom. It was lots of fun though to portray the perfect 50's housewife. The best part about all of this though, was being with our family. We didn't intend on monopolizing the cast, it just kind of worked out that way and we loved it!
If you haven't had a chance to see a show at the Theatre yet, come check it out! The link to the website is listed here on our blog. Our next show is Shakespeare's, "A Midsummers Night Dream" starting Sept. 14.